Providing a throughput of up to 300 sheets per minute, the SCAMIG 300 is the powerhouse among our document scanners, replacing entire open track scanners in many areas. With a space-saving and high-grade design, it is the smart an cost-efficient choice for day-to-day high-performance quality scanning of your documents.

  • Resolution up to 600 dpi (optical)
  • Scan technology: CCD – camera technology
  • Scanning speed: up to 300 pages/minute
  • Scanning speed regulation: adjustable in steps
  • Unique slow-down option for the most fragile archival material
  • Connection: USB 3.0 compatible
  • Recommended daily volume: no limit
  • Light source: white LEDs
  • Document width: 56 mm bis 317,5 mm (A3+)
  • Document length: 60 mm bis 1.950 mm (in long document mode)
  • Paper thickness and weight: 30 g / m² – 800 g / m²
  • Maximum stack height: 100 mm (approx. 1000 sheets at 80 g / m2)
    defined via profile
  • Sensor detected input and flow control
  • Single sheet input for processing the most fragile documents

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The cost-efficient, space-saving powerhouse

The SCAMIG high-performance document scanners complement our portfolio as a new product line. In ​​mass digitization projects, they can even replace open track scanners in many areas of application. With ​​complex digitization projects that require the use of different scanning systems, they are the ideal addition to our planetary scanners and can be used as hybrid scanning systems.

The paper-friendly belt transport also enables sensitive documents to be scanned. Ultrasonic sensors for feed control and a variable throughput speed that can be set in stages ensure maximum productivity and, at the same time, the necessary care when handling your documents.

Developed for 24/7 operation and 100 percent made in Germany, the SCAMIG 210 sets standards for document throughput, scan quality, process efficiency and user friendliness. It masters your recurring or ongoing large-volume scan projects conveniently at the push of a button: from incoming mail scans to archiving and commercial scanning services.

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