Equipped with the latest digitization and image processing technology, the Rollfilm Scanstation has been designed by Wicks and Wilson to automatically capture grayscale and bitonal images from 16mm and 35mm microfilm at the highest possible quality. Our high-technology illumination and optical path, custom camera system and unique image processing algorithms give unparalleled imaging results from all types and formats of roll film.
The user-friendly interface and the automation of many important tasks make the scanner particularly easy to operate and ensure maximum productivity.
With a slightly slower throughput, the 8820 offers lower-volume production end-users a viable option for high-quality scanning at moderate pricing.

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The 8800-Series Scanstation is the latest generation of production microfilm scanning technology.
Simple interfaces and efficiency enhancing automation features allow grayscale and bitonal digital files to be created quickly and easily from all 16 mm and 35 mm roll film formats.

  • Locate images automatically using document edge or intelligent detection of up to four levels of blip code
  • Extract images either as fixed-size (for film with constant-sized frames) or auto-size (for varying frame sizes) using on-screen graphical wizards to reduce set-up time
  • • Edit images using a full suite of processing tools – including intelligent thresholding, gamma correction, auto white balance and more – to get consistent imaging results throughout the film
  • Efficiently compensate for film density differences on duplex film using a single-pass dual-thresholding
  • Quickly and easily save scanning parameters as project templates for use on future digitization tasks
  • View image edits on-screen as they are being made to increase productivity and eliminate the need for rescans. View film as it scans on a principal monitor and add a second monitor to simultaneously view extracted frames in real-time
  • 12-bit camera system designed specifically to address the challenges of microfilm digitization
  • Custom-built lens provides greater resolving power across all film types
  • Illumination system with holographic diffusion allows for superior results every scan
  • Unique many-core parallel processing architecture harnesses the power of the latest NVIDIA® graphics cards to run the 8800-Series cutting-edge image processing algorithms – a first for any microfilm scanner. Anti-static brushes designed for indirect cleaning, minimizing unnecessary contact with the microfilm

Speed (Frames Per Minute) A4, 200 dpi

8850 SCANSTATION: 350 fpm

8820 SCANSTATION: 150 fpm

Output Resolution

100 – 600 dpi

Reduction Ratio (Fixed Focus)

16 mm 7,5x bis 50x (variable)

35 mm 7,5x bis 36x (variable)


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Scaling Accuracy

+/- 1%

Film Types

16/35 mm spools; 16 mm cartridge (M-type, C-clip); positive/negative; silver/vesicular/diazo; simplex/duplex; COM; portrait (cine)/landscape (comic)

Spool Size

30 m/100 ft (standard); 64 m/215 ft thin base (standard); 300 m/1,000 ft (optional)


Servo-controlled DC motor with anti-static brush cleaning system

Bitonal File Formats

TIFF (G3 or G4, single- or multi-page); CALS; PDF (single- or multi-page)

Grayscale File Formats-

JPEG; BMP; JPEG 2000; RAW TIFF; PDF (single- or multi-page)

Agency Approvals


RoHS Compliance


Dimensions (LxWxH)

(LxBxH) 17,5 x 23,5 x 13,75 inch (440 x 593 x 348 mm)


64 lbs/29 kg

Power Requirement

120/230 Volt; 2/1 Ampere

PC Connection

Dedicated PCI Express X1 interface card supplied (full height slot required)

Virtual Scanstation QA-Software Package

8850 SCANSTATION: included

8820 SCANSTATION: optional

IMAGEhost Integration


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    High-end roll film scanner for automatic capture of grayscale and bitonal images from 16-/35-mm microfilms in highest quality