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book2net's intention is to develop practice-orientated book scanning solutions for the use in archives, libraries and museums by covering hardware, software and services. The book2net focuses on the requirements and needs of the end users of the digitization equipment. These needs are reviewed and incorporated into the development and ultimate design of our book scanners.


If you are looking for ready made solution to scan documents - please check our book scanners section. Our new scanning camera offers flexibility, allowing to make high quality copies of various materials in different formats. With the help of microfilm writer, you can preserve scanning results for the next generations.

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  • Digitisation with the X71 repro system at the Irish Architectural Archive

    Image quality meets cost efficiency!

    Colum O'Riordan working with the X71 at the Irish Architectural Archive

    “We are delighted with the X71. The results are beyond our highest expectations.”
    Colum O'Riordan, CEO, Irish Architectural Archive

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