Munich Finger
Münchener Finger

Micro-polished transparent acrylic finger with precision joint to hold the pages of the book clear and free of reflection

Manual Glass Plate

Book-gentle, flexible pressure plate, made of highly transparent material, particularly suitable for  waved templates

Magnetic Application Rulers

Available as short or long version, made of wood or black anodized aluminum

Frame with adjustable clamps
2 Finger Andruckhilfe

Particularly gentle, motorized book fold contact pressure with 2 clamps

Manual Book Holding Support
4 Finger Andruckhilfe

Magnetic support that  can be added on the book cradle if required. Pages are fixed with a Munich Finger which comes along with the Manual Book Holding Support.

Frame with adjustable clamps
4 Finger Seitenhalter

Particularly gentle, motorized book fold contact pressure with 4 clamps

Mobile Glass Plates

Kit for the single-sided capturing of small books. Made of non-refelctive museum glass

Daylight Lamps

Professional daylight LED area illumination for optimal illumination of objects and uneven books; manual dimming from 210 up to 1700 lux

Adjustable Angle

Tool for the single sided scanning in different sizes

Cover Material
Auflage Material

Cover material for anodized support plates

A1/ A0 Extension  (lite)
A1 Erweiterung

Kit including extension plate and adjustable angle for single sided scanning of documents up to A1/ A0 in size

Makrolon® A2  Kit
Makrolon Andruckhilfe

Flexible, gentle and  easy-to-use pressure guidance for book2net kiosk/profi scanner, including macrolon plate, mount and lock

Mobile Book Holders

Translucent v-shape book holders with handholds for application on the book with different sizes from A5 up to A2.

Cleaning Set

Set 1
 including cleaner for macrolon, glass and plastic parts, 50 paper towels and a microfiber cloth for the gentle and thorough cleaning of the book2net scanners.

Set 2 including lens cleaning cloth (15x15 cm) and monitor cleaning cloth (30x30 cm)

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