2 high resolution cameras
Scanning area: 2 x A4
Opening angle: 110°
Adjustable LED lighting angle


Falcon Camera

High performanceTwin-Camera-System

2x Sony sensor 20 MP
300 ppi

The book2net Falcon is equipped with the latest high production Sony Camera-Technology.

  •  low heat emission
  •  long time operation
  •  no downtime
  •  10 years manufacturer support


  • LED R 95; 5000 Kelvin
  • adjustable ramp up and ramp down time
  • no UV Light emission

    Eyefriendly to the operator and conservation approved.


V-shape glass plate

Special high graded museum glass, which is very resistant towards scratches caused by dust from old books. This is very important, if long term, high volume scanning is requirerd. The glass is coated singlesided for non-reflection and resistance.
The center area is polished by 55° each, to ensure image acquisition in the spine area of critical books.

Lift up and down pressure power can be adjusted to the needs of operation. Best operators support will effect higher production performance.

The glass plate rotation will perfectly fit the postion of books with uneven bindings.

Falcon book cradle
Falcon glass

Book cradle

The book cradle is specially designed for small-format books with sensitive binding, which are not to be opened at a 180° angle. The two parts of the cradle can be individually adjusted and fixed, in order to centre the template. Simply adjustable and lockable up to a spine size of 150mm.

Falcon handle Falcon pressure plate

The book cradle with a size of 2x300mmx300mm offers high flexibility for digitizing templates between A4+ and A6. The ergonomic power-boost-button at the handle presents the best production output during the scan process.

Falcon angle Falcon cradle

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