The hybrid scanning solutions by book2net combine the advantages of two scanning worlds in a most convenient way: the contactless, gentle capturing of planetary scanners and the productivity of document scanners. This makes them particularly suitable for the requirements of extensive retro-digitization projects in archives, libraries and digitization centers.

Take advantage of the benefits:

  • You get both devices from the same provider
  • You are making a sustainable investment
  • You gain a combined workstation with flexible installation options
  • You can scan a wide range of formats up to A1
  • You get document security and guaranteed scan quality while increasing the productivity at the same time
  • You can use the same software for both devices
  • You can save all scans in the same software in the order you want
  • You have the option of further processing the scans conveniently by exporting, renaming or sorting
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Comfortable workflow for complex projects

Our hybrid scanning systems are the ideal solution for digitizing heterogeneous document stocks, which include bound and stapled originals as well as loose sheets. Use the convenient combination of two scanning worlds: a book2net planetary scanner (A1 / A2) for fragile, bound or stapled originals and an A3 SCAMIG document scanner for single sheets or loose stacks of sheets.

The scanning software of the planetary scanner serves as an interface for both scanners. Hence, you always receive all scans from both units in the correct order and can easily  export them combined and feed them into further workflows. Time-consuming work steps such as merging individual scans from different devices are no longer necessary. This increases productivity significantly without compromising the quality and care in handling your documents.

If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a customized solution that meets your wishes and the requirements of your project.

Recommended scanners:

book2net Archive Pro A1 /A2

book2net Lite A2

book2net Profi A2

book2net Ultra A2

Recommended document scanner:


Fast, durable and reliable, with a throughput of up to 210 documents per minute, the SCAMIG 210 document scanner guarantees a reliably high throughput. With a space-saving and high-quality design, it is the smart and sustainable choice for scanning large amounts of documents in the highest quality every day.

  • Resolution up to 600 dpi (optical)
  • Scan technology: CCD – camera technology
  • Scanning speed: up to 210 pages/minute
  • Scanning speed regulation: adjustable in steps
  • Unique slow-down option for the most fragile archival material
  • Connection: USB 3.0 compatible
  • Recommended daily volume: no limit
  • Light source: white LEDs
  • Document width: 56 mm to 317.5 mm (A3 +)
  • Document length: 60 mm to 1,950 mm (in long document mode)
  • Paper thickness and weight: 30 g/m² – 800 g/m²
  • Maximum stack height: 75 mm (approx. 750 sheets at 80 g / m2)
    definable via profile
  • Sensory feed and flow control
  • Single sheet input for processing the most fragile and difficult materials

Easy Scan Professional

One software for both scanners: Easy Scan Professional, the scanning software of the planetary scanner, also serves as an interface for the high-performance document scanner. The simple switching of the input source in the scan interface enables both bound templates and loose sheets to be digitized extremely efficiently and productively. You will always receive all scans from both devices in the correct order , allowing you to export them combined and to  add further workflows. By attaching a color profile, it is possible to generate color-accurate scan files.

Further features: Intuitive scan application with integrated image enhancement for the extended requirements on production scanning including scan to USB, scan to print (automated), thumbnails (insert, delete, view), frame setting, page splitting, left side, right side, center adjustment, contrast regulation, zoom function, print cut-out, USB capacity display, multipage. Output formats: TIFF, PDF (single & multipage), JPG. Color formats: Color, Greyscale, B/W.  Job functions (save, load, edit), thumbnail directory & archive, processing of archived jobs.

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