Ergonomics is defined as ‘the science of the laws of human or automated work’ with the objective to create a good working atmosphere and avoid health problems.

Thereby, the ergonomic design of the workplace is of increasing importance, especially in office and production areas with predominantly seated or standing activities in front of screens or machines. This also includes the optimization of the working environment and the workstation components such as chairs, tables, keyboards, screens or control buttons to the needs and physical requirements of the working people. Strained vision, dazzling light or poor posture can cause considerable damage to health, especially with long-term exposure.

Ergonomics is therefore a common thread running through the development of all scanning systems at book2net. User-friendly software, fast data processing, glare-free lighting and ergonomic design make it easier for the user to work on the devices and minimize physical stress.

In particular, our production and large format scanners are designed to be extremely user-friendly, which guarantees a relaxed, productive workflow over many hours:

– The devices can be operated as a seated workstation.
– The working height can be optimized using adjustable feet.
– The device can be operated comfortably either by hand and/or foot switch.
– The adjustable LED lighting ensures glare-free work.

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