ISO/TS 19264-1:2017

In 2012, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) began to define uniform standards in the field of digitization and long-term archiving in order to specify both the necessary processes and the required image quality and make them comparable.

This led to the publication of three basic documents:

ISO 19262 essentially defines the terms used in the field of image capturing in order to achieve a standardization of the language,

ISO 19263 describes the workflow problems and provides detailed information on how analytical measurements should be performed,

Finally, ISO 19264 describes these measurements in detail and provides targets and tolerance values for the various aspects. It specifies exactly which properties are to be measured, how they are to be measured and how the results of the analysis are to be presented.

In the revised version, ISO / TS 19264-1: 2017 has meanwhile become the international standard for the quality analysis of digital imaging systems (cameras and scanners) in the field of cultural heritage. In addition to METAMORFOZE, it is the main quality assessment standard in Europe in particular.

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