ECI-RGB color space

Why using the ECI-RGB color space?

The ECI-RGB V2 color space is one of the standardized RGB color spaces.

It is the working color space recommended by the ECI (European Color Initiative) and the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines for professional image processing.

As a working color space for professional image processing ECI-RGB V2 covers practically all monitors/display technologies and the vast majority of printing systems/printing processes (without being unnecessarily too large).

At first glance, the largest possible RGB color space may seem ideal, since it covers all other color spaces. However, since many color values have to be truncated or interpreted during the computational conversion to much smaller color spaces, inaccuracies can slip in.

The corresponding ICC profile for integration in image processing programs can be downloaded free of charge from the ECI website and allows constant color reproduction on all output devices. ECI-RGB thus particularly fulfils the requirements for true color reproduction.

Color-accurate directly from the camera:

Thanks to the unique True Color Management of book2net scanners and repro systems, it is possible to create color-accurate scans directly from the camera in the color spaces sRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, ECI-RGB V1 and ECI-RGB V2. Thus, all requirements of digitization guidelines, specifications and standards can be easily fulfilled.

The big advantage of the book2net True Color Management: In contrast to the production of an ICC profile, which is computed by a “calibration software” on the basis of a 24 bits color scan by a X-Rite Color Checker, the book2net True Color Management uses the advantage of all computations and adjustments in the own image area of the camera with a color depth and analysis depth of 48 bits. As a result, colors are captured even more accurately and signal noise is minimized.

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