Glass plate

In order to ensure a true-to-scale, distortion-free high-quality image when digitizing bound originals, one of the requirements is that the surface of the original must be absolutely flat. For this reason, many professional scanning systems work with additional glass or Makrolon© plate pressure systems.©.

In addition, to guarantee that books of different thicknesses and states of preservation can also be scanned gently and efficiently using glass plates, professional systems operate with advanced adjustment systems for the glass plate allowing the pressure and travel paths to be set precisely and individually as required.

This is used in particular with high-performance scanners with semi-robotics such as the book2net Cobra, Flash, Mosquito, Hornet and Dragon.

Professional book scanners also offer special non-reflective glass with UV protection (museum glass) to minimize light exposure, especially for valuable originals such as incunabula and manuscripts.

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