Sustainability is a principle of action in which economic, ecological and social action are in the foreground.

With this in mind, we at MICROBOX act sustainably and considerately and consciously say “YES” to Germany as a business location. We develop and produce on site in Bad Nauheim and purchase 90% of our materials from regional suppliers. This guarantees the quality and longevity of our products, which also have extremely low energy consumption. If possible, we also offer the revision of old scanning systems to the latest status as an alternative to buying a new one − an investment that pays off for our environment and our customers.

The components of the book2net scanning systems are connected to one another with screws. These can be easily removed during recycling and all components recycled separately. The steel housings are also fed directly back into the material cycle. In this process we only work with certified companies.

It is our aim to create attractive offers for our customers, which, however, are never at the expense of the environment or social and labor law requirements.

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