book2net Cobra A1/A2 V-shape book scanner
Detail book2net Cobra V-shape book scanner

The book2net Cobra is a special V-shape book scanner with semi-robotics, developed for digitizing the most valuable holdings such as illuminated manuscripts or incunabula. Available in the formats A1 and A2, the book2net Cobra meets the highest conservation requirements and can be individually adjusted thanks to its programmable control modules.

  • Dual X71 camera system
  • Selectable options: 400 dpi / 600 dpi
  • 0.3 sec. scanning time
  • 3.5 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging + storage)
  • 110° opening angle
  • Height adjustment up to 15 cm (optional up to 25 cm)
  • Book spine width up to 10 cm (optional 20 cm)
  • Programmable scanning processes
  • Book size-dependent traverse path
  • Adjustable opening angle
  • Process controlled pressure
  • Sensitive, fully electronic pressure control
  • USB 3.0 interface

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The art of book scanning: conservational, ergonomic, productive

When designing our V-book scanner book2net Cobra, we focused on the needs and wishes of our customers. In close cooperation with selected partners, we have developed a high-precision book scanner as part of the guidelines of the Europeana project, which takes into account the special conservation requirements of the most sensitive historical holdings such as precious illuminated manuscripts or incunabula while at the same time guaranteeing high flexibility, productivity and user-friendliness.

Valuable, old books deserve special attention to put their beauty in its true light. Heightened and waved surfaces, special inks and colors and especially gold grounds and gildings require more than standard illumination. To meet these special requirements, the book2net Cobra is equipped with an additional lighting system for the glare- and shadow-free capture of specially structured surfaces, which can be integrated, mounted or controlled externally as required. The LED lighting system offers a stable color temperature for perfect reproduction. Thanks to the Fresnel lenses used, uniform illumination over the entire scan area is guaranteed.

In order to combine the highest conservation standards with a comfortable work process, we also offer a range of different holding systems for the manual and semi-automatic operation of the scanner, be it for the entire book body or for individual pages.



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