Non-contact analysis of drawings,
documents and archival materials


book2net has developed a new method for multispectral analysis of documents and drawings. Individual or series of scans can be carried out at definable nm intervals. The scan results can be overlayed and analyzed with pixel accuracy. The book2net process works without changing filters (i.e. vibration-free) and without post-correction of sharpness and focus in the spectral ranges (i.e. pixel-accurate to scale).

The book2net multispectral system is an innovative, non-invasive tool for scientific and material-technological analyses, for forensics and for the comprehensive documentation of works of art, creation processes, authenticity or condition.
With the help of our system, up to 11 images in a wide range of wavelengths and their combinations can be generated within a few seconds in fully automated processes, depending on the model.

The system allows the visualization of faded inks, underdrawings, combinations of materials used in writing, drawings or paintings, as well as the detection of traces of organic aging processes. This enables the verification of originals for their material completeness as well as detailed authenticity analyses.


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MSI Features

High-performance sensor

  • 71 MP – high-resolution CMOS COLOR technology
  • Special development with very wide dynamic range
  • Analog, native signal evaluation
  • Resolution up to 8200 ppi


  • Schneider book2net 71spectral – 45 mm UV-IR-VIS multispectral lens
  • Schneider book2net 71spectral – 40 mm UV-IR-VIS multispectral lens (optional)

Multispectral range

  • 365 – 1.100 nm

Imaging scenarios

  • UVL Ultraviolet luminescence
  • UVR Ultraviolet reflectography
  • VIS image in repro quality
  • NIR Infrared photography (940 nm)
  • Material or paper structure with watermark recognition
  • UV false color image
  • IR false color image
  • Transmitted light
  • Raked light

Software and imaging features

  • Profiscan MSP & ImageProcess MSP for optimal device control and information processing
  • Standardized processes and profile management at the touch of a button
    Preview function
  • Synchronized display of different imaging scenarios

Color management

Integrated true color management:
METAMORFOZE, FADGI, ISO/TS 19264:1 2017 standard regarding color quality, resolution, noise & linearity



“A true miracle tool”

Jutta Keddies, Head of Restoration for Drawing, Graphics and Photography
Städel Museum Frankfurt a. M., Städel Blog, 8 February 2024

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“We are very pleased with the results so far ⌈…⌉. Ensuring access to our collection is central to our mission, so revealing text that has faded beyond our physical ability to read is a significant advancement for our team and our audiences.”

The National Archives Blog, Juni 2019

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