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The new M150 is the first 150 megapixel camera to combine unique image quality with high productivity. By using the latest generation image sensor with global shutter, the M150 offers an attractive combination of high frame rate and impressive dynamic range. The modular concept not only enables the realization of individual, tailor-made solutions; it also allows integration into existing systems and workflows.


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M150 Camera Features

High-performance sensor

  • 152 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
  • Available as a color, grayscale and multispectral sensor
  • Highest resolution for capturing the finest details
  • High sensitivity, spatial resolution and precision in metrological applications thanks to the number, positioning and size of the individual pixels

Global shutter

The M150 delivers unsurpassed image quality on a global scale with outstanding resolution, an extended dynamic range and precise color reproduction and geometry. The global shutter of the 150 megapixel camera enables minimum exposure times of e.g. one microsecond, ensuring outstanding sharpness, especially when capturing moving objects.

  • Prevents rolling shutter effects and motion blurring
  • No moving parts; no mechanical wear and tear
  • Enables synchronization in high-speed applications
  • Live video image (preview)
  • Real-time image processing

Camera body

  • Highly thermally conductive aluminum housing with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a lightweight and compact design for integration and mobility
  • Robust and resistant to dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • Precise triggering and synchronization function
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 high-speed interface


  • Special lenses with different focal lengths from all leading manufacturers
  • Chromatically corrected, distortion-free, highly precise and with outstanding edge properties
  • Aperture range adjustable from 4-32

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