book2net X71 digital camera


The X71 defines high-end in the field of modern digital cameras. Our CMOS sensor technology is regarded as the key technology of the future and enables high-resolution capturing of a wide variety of items with first-class image quality, easy handling and unbelievable speed.

• 71 MP CMOS sensor
• 71 million microlens system
• Temperature regulation, control and stabilization
• Suitable for mobile and stationary use
• Digital focus adjustment
• Adjustable exposure time 0.0001-2.0 sec.
• Resolution up to 8200 dpi
• Image transfer 0.4 sec. at 71 MP
• Scanning time 0.2 sec. at 71 MP
• Image transfer rate 350 Mbyte / sec. via USB 3.0 interface
• Full screen, window and video mode

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The all-rounder for the highest requirements

The modular concept of the X71 allows individual combination with standard copy stands as well as smooth integration into high-end repro systems such as the Graz Book Table or Wolfenbüttel Book Mirror.

Which documents can you digitize with the X71?
Whether loose or bound materials, fragments or large formats, glossy or matt surfaces, flat, relief or 3D objects – with the X71 you can digitize all kinds of templates in the highest quality.

Which scan formats are covered?
The distance to the object and the choice of lens determine the scan format. We offer a wide range of lenses and adapters. Our standard lens covers the formats A4 to A0; macro lenses can be used for special requirements.

Which quality standards are met?
The X71 meets the FADGI 4-star and METAMORFOZE guidelines

Which software is used or required?
The integrated service application enables comfortable and precise system calibration. As an option, we also offer our intuitive Easy Scan Professional processing software, which provides you with advanced tools for optimal image processing. The integrated SDK also allows software from other providers to be used.


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