Not only keeping valuable things, but preserving them for eternity: with our specially developed scanning systems and individual solutions which open up new digital worlds - in art, culture and science

Crucial points, especially when it is about historical documents, unique works of art and valuable books.It is therefore no surprise that the digitization of our cultural heritage now is one of the most important tasks of museums, archives and libraries these days – and must be carried out with the greatest care, since in addition to heritage being preserved for eternity, it is made accessible to the general public.

We have the answer to the question “how”. We make no compromises – neither with our devices, nor with their quality. Our high-end scanning systems and special applications define the highest standards, set new accents and are perfect tailor-made solutions – for every area. Because what counts for us both in theory and in practice is quality.Always in focus: the best possible and intuitive user-friendliness. Kurz: High-Performance all around.

Made in Germany.

Single shot sensors

Highest efficiency

Less mechanics

No maintenance

Intuitive software

Easy operation

3600 installations


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Frequently Asked Questions

Matrix sensors scan whole area at once, delivering results within miliseconds. There are no mechanical moving parts involved, guaranteeing stable operation and savings, since no maintenance is required. Cold LED lights are extremely durable. All parts used are industrial grade.

Yes! We are supplying our customers all over the world. Contact us for details.

Most of our scanners are Plug & Play and can be installed without any assistance. Large format and special scanners are installed by qualified book2net specialists.