Autofocus is a common feature when taking photos with consumer cameras from providers such as Sony, Nikon, or Canon. Before the shutter is released, the focal length is automatically adjusted so that the subject is in focus. Although this function is very useful for private amateur photographers, it is not very helpful for professional digitization. Due to the frequent change of focus, the size of the image section does not remain constant either. This leads to image jumps when looking at the scans. In addition, the mechanics of such cameras are designed more for horizontal photography. Working overhead, such as with a repro system, makes working conditions difficult. With a daily number of several thousand scans, these consumer cameras wear out very quickly.

To minimize this wear and tear and to ensure a comfortable and productive workflow, we use a motorized focus that automatically focuses on defined positions while maintaining its settings. This gives our customers the advantage of quick focus adjustment without having to accept the disadvantages mentioned above.

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