Operating systems – Windows

All our book2net digitizing systems and our Easy Scan software operate under Windows-based operating systems from Windows 7 onwards. This ensures high and long-term availability, investment security and system support for our customers. However, for a delay-free and productive workflow in the area of high-performance and mass digitization, we recommend Windows 10 – 64 Bit.
We routinely equip our self-service scanners for the public sector, such as the book2net Spirit and the book2net Public, with a Windows Embedded operating system ex works. This modularized version is configured specifically for our applications. It thus combines all the performance and convenience of the Windows operating system with increased security and reliability.
The Windows Embedded installation uses unique features that are only available for the Windows Embedded product family. Among the key features is the Unified Write Filter (UWF), which provides virus and write protection during the scanning process. It prevents any access to the system‘s hard drive, as all write requests are routed directly to temporary memory. All user applications and accesses are performed exclusively in the so-called overlay.
This technology protects the system from corruption by viruses as well as from unexpected power failures, as the original contents of the hard disk remain untouched and the system can be restored to the original default at any time by rebooting.
The operation of our systems for the public sector thus takes place in a protected area, comparable to the technology of ATMs or ticket machines.
This type of operating system is only available with a PC integrated in the scanner. As a rule, the system is controlled via a touch screen that is also integrated in the scanner housing. However, it is also possible to use an external screen, mouse and keyboard.

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