Prequalification enables potential suppliers (bidders) to demonstrate in advance their expertise and capability as defined in the procurement and contracting regulations, irrespective of a specific invitation to tender. Prequalification saves companies the effort of having to submit individual certificates (e.g. declarations of turnover, entries in the professional and commercial registers or extracts from criminal records) that are regularly required in award procedures. Instead, public contracting authorities can recognize the collective certificates (prequalification) deposited by prequalification bodies instead of the individual certificates.

Advantages for contracting authorities:

The certificates of suitability are always up to date at the prequalification bodies. Suitability tests of companies for award procedures are easier and faster to perform.

The use of a centralized service increases legal certainty compared to the provision of a wide range of individual certificates.

With the certificate number 06 006 TZGL59 the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Wiesbaden certifies that the company MICROBOX GmbH, Hohe Straße 4-6, 61231 Bad Nauheim, is registered in the official register ( as a suitable company for public contracts. As a prerequisite for registration, the company was prequalified by the Auftragsberatungsstelle Hessen e.V. We will be happy to provide you with the access code to the HPQR certificate upon request.