Special formats (paper formats)

Under the unofficial name A4+ (A4 plus), there is an oversize format based on the DIN A4 format that is used in inkjet and laser printers. It is offered to end customers specifically by printer manufacturers and paper suppliers. Due to the lack of standardization of this oversize format, the formats differ somewhat. Some A4-based formats have a uniform bleed of three millimeters per side (216 × 303 mm) and sometimes corresponding tear-off edges. Some (U.S.) suppliers also specify A4+ as 9½ × 13 in (inch/inch) (241 × 330 mm), which is virtually the same as the untrimmed A4U (240 × 330 mm) sheet format from ISO 5457 for technical drawings.

In photographic and commercial printing, the likewise non-standardized oversize format A3+ (A3 plus), also known as Super A3 or Super B, exists accordingly. The dimensions are usually selected so that an A3 page can be printed borderless on a paper manufacturer’s printer.

For the class of 17″ printers (usually referred to as A2 printers), there is an oversize format A2+ (432 × 648 mm), with the 2:3 aspect ratio common for photos. This format is aimed at users who want to use the full width or flatness of their printer. In the 36″ printer class, an oversize format known as E/A0 or A0 big (917 × 1189 mm) is sometimes used, which combines the height of a DIN A0 sheet with a width of approximately 36.1 inches.


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