Hybrid scanning systems

Extensive digitization projects, in which a large number of different documents are to be scanned gently and efficiently at the same time, are often faced with the problem of finding the optimal scanning systems in terms of quality, workflow and cost efficiency. 

Therefore, at book2net, we have developed versatile hybrid scanning solutions for our customers. These are particularly suitable for the demanding requirements of retro-digitization projects in archives, libraries and digitization centers and enable the document-friendly, user-friendly and productive digitization of both bound and stapled templates as well as loose sheets.

Depending on the project requirements, we will put together a tailor-made package consisting of a book2net planetary book scanner (A1 / A2) for fragile, bound or stapled originals and an A3 SCAMIG document scanner for single sheets or loose stacks of sheets. In this way, the advantages of two scanning worlds are ideally combined: contactless, gentle incident-light digitization with the speed and high throughput of feeder scanners.

The scanning software of the book scanner serves as an interface for both scanners. This means that within the scan software you always receive all scans from both devices in the correct order and can export them together and feed them into further workflows. This eliminates time-consuming work steps such as merging individual scans from different devices and increases productivity significantly without compromising the quality and care in handling your documents.

Benefit from our hybrid scanning systems!


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