V-shape scanner

V-shape scanners are special book scanners whose book cradle can be adjusted to an opening angle smaller than 180° to a V-shaped support form to ensure the gentle capturing for particularly valuable or sensitive bound books and documents that can only be digitized at a small opening angle.

book2net offers a wide range of V-scanners − from mobile tabletop devices to high-performance scanners with semi-robotics.

Benefit from our book scanners with the latest CMOS sensor technology, as they combine highest quality with high performance, versatility and ease of use.

With our V-shape scanners you can scan books in various formats from A1 to A6, from large format to miniature books; always conforming to Metamorfoze, FADGI and ISO/TS 19264-1:2017 standards.

Our V-shape scanners are specifically designed for the gentlest handling of delicate, valuable and rare books, especially illuminated manuscripts and incunabula. Therefore, they provide special components to make digitization as gentle as possible:

  • Innovative CMOS sensor technology for high-quality, high-speed imaging
  • V-shaped, conservation book cradle with spine release and special coating as desired
  • V-shaped, easy-to-operate and lockable glass plate (for systems with semi-robotics with precision-guided linear drive)
  • Our semi-robotic systems (such as book2net Cobra and Dragon) feature freely selectable fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual book rocker and glass needle pressure operation options.
  • Smooth and adaptable LED lighting system to prevent damage from high light intensity
  • User-friendly software with modules for live preview and programmable scan processes ensure a smooth workflow

Get more information about our systems book2net Cobra, book2net Dragon,  book2net Lizard and book2net Falcon.

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