book2net Lizard A1 V-shape book scanner

The book2net Lizard is the professional solution for the safe scanning of collections in the formats A1 to A6 which can only be digitized with a limited opening angle.

  • Dual X71 camera system
  • A1 scanning area (2 x A2)
  • Physical resolution 400 dpi
  • Opening angle 110°
  • Book spine width up to 10 cm (optional 20 cm)
  • Book spine depth compensation up to 8 cm
  • Perfect geometry
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Storable presetting of the calibration settings
  • Manually controlled glass plate
  • 0.3 sec. scanning time (2 x A2 color @ 400 dpi)
  • 3.5 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging + storage)

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Adjustable opening angles and illumination

With individually adjustable camera positions, adjustable book support angles and precise manual control, the book2net Lizard is the ideal solution for a flexible, efficient and at the same time safe digitization of fragile book stocks.

book2net High Resolution Camera

The X71 not only sets new standards in the field of modern digital cameras, it is also the heart of all our scanners. Our CMOS sensor technology is the key element of the system and enables high-resolution capturing of archive materials, books, cards, seals and objects of various sizes and structures. The X71 camera is characterized by first-class image quality, flexible handling and an incredible scanning speed.

X71 Motorized Focuser, Control Unit and Remote Control

Motorized focuser ensures that you always scan with the optimum image sharpness regardless of the format position (DIN A1 – DIN A5). Even objects with deeper structures (for example seals), for which an adjustment of the “level of focus” is advantageous due to their structure depth, can be processed without any problems. Fine adjustment with video preview and digital sharpness value display allows the sharpness level to be conveniently adjusted.

True Color Management

Color accurate directly from the camera: the true color management is unique. Directly from the camera, it is possible to generate color accurate scans according to the color spaces SRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, ECI RGB V1 and ECI RGB V2 and thus easily meet all requirements of digitization guidelines, specifications and standards.

The great advantage of True Color: Unlike the creation of an ICC profile which is calculated by a “calibration software” using a 24-bit color scan of an X-Rite Color Checker, True Color uses the advantage of all calculations and adjustments in-house Imaging area of the camera with a color depth and analysis depth of 48 bits. Colors are captured even more precisely and signal noise is minimized.

The result: METAMORFOZE, FADGI and ISO / TS 19264-1: 2017 compliant scan results.

Adjustable Camera Position

This feature is unique in this format and ensures an extremely high level of versatility and outstanding quality up to an optical resolution of 1,200 dpi.
The different format positions (DIN A1 to DIN A5) can be conveniently approached. A unique feature is the option to load the associated color profiles and matching parameters with just one click on the symbolic format markings of the intuitive scanning software.

The result: full-format captures in perfect quality and the highest possible resolution.

LED Lighting Unit

Professional UV / IR and ozone free lighting system. With a light exposure of less than 2,500 lux and a service life of over 50,000 operating hours, the highest conservation and ecological requirements are met. The Fresnel lenses specially developed for the book2net lighting units are a major technological advantage over classic lighting units. They ensure perfect light distribution and illumination. Unwanted and annoying gradients and reflection effects that otherwise occur in very light or very dark surfaces and also with shiny materials are avoided.

Two operating modes:
1) Flash: The lamps light up slightly for the scan and then reduce their intensity again immediately after the scan. A heating up of the room, often annoying with permanent light, is avoided and at the same time the service life of the light units is extended considerably.

2) Continuous light: On request, it is possible to work with a constant light level, whereby the “brightening effect”, if it is perceived as annoying, is omitted.

Gentle 3-in-1 Glass Plate Operation

Perfectly balanced counterweight guarantees smooth and easy operation of the glass plate. It stays in place on a desired level, or can be taken down without using any tools if needed to scan without any pressure.

Control Center

The focus is on ergonomics and ease of use. The possibility of placing a display in the user’s field of view was a customer request that we were happy to implement. Ease of use is increased and both the scan preview and the scan results can be checked immediately in full screen mode.
Optionally, MICROBOX supplies this equipment together with a workstation based on the latest and most modern components of Microsoft® and Intel; a PC optimized for fast transfer rates to ensure scan and process speeds of less than 3.5 seconds.


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    Professional V-shape A1 book scanner with variable glass pressure, flexible camera and light control for gentle digitization