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The book2net Falcon is the smallest partner of our V-shape systems book2net Lizard and book2net Dragon and is used when collections in the format A6 to A2+ with a small opening angle are to be digitized. Designed for mobile use, it offers a high level of flexibility, especially in the area of decentralized digitization projects.

Freely selectable settings allow individual scanning positions as well as standardized, productive work processes.

The book2net Falcon is designed for mobile use and therefore offers a high level of flexibility, especially in the area of decentralized digitization projects.


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Falcon Features

High-performance sensor

  • Options:
    • Line sensor
    • Area sensor
  • Resolution 300 ppi / 400 ppi
  • True color accuracy
  • Distortion-free
  • Perfect linearity
  • 0.3 sec. scanning time
  • 2.2 sec. processing time (scanning + imaging+ storage)


  • Schneider-Kreuznach precision lenses
  • Depth of field 8 cm
  • Brilliant color fidelity
  • Perfect linearity
  • Distortion-free
  • Long-life cycle guaranteed

LED lighting unit

  • Cold light LEDs
  • Fresnel lenses for homogeneous, uniform illumination
  • Stable color temperature
  • Glare-free and UV/IR-free
  • No radiation exposure in accordance with EN60825-1
  • Low energy consumption

Book cradle

  • 110° opening angle
  • Book spine release15 cm
  • Support panels of 2 x 420 x 300 mm
  • Variable scan areas: A6 to A2+
  • Support surfaces can be moved and locked individually

V-shaped glass plate

  • Gentle on originals
  • Smooth-running
  • Noiseless
  • Easy to operate
  • Lockable
  • Stroke and pressure force can be specifically adjusted
  • Non-reflective, mitred special glass

Software & Features

  • Live Video Preview
  • Easy Scan / bookScan professional scanning software
  • OCR (optional)
  • Live Control Professional (optional)

Color management

Integrated true color management:
METAMORFOZE, FADGI, ISO/TS 19264:1 2017 standard regarding color quality, resolution, noise & linearity


  • No UV / IR radiation
  • No ozone, no emissions
  • No heat load
  • Lowest noise emission
  • Low-Energy-Control (LEC)
  • Energy-saving
book2net - preservation approved book cradle


The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan uses the mobile book2net Falcons to digitize 160 million bound documents at various locations.

Case Study
Falcon Close up 2

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