Book fold optimization

Some books, especially books with a thick spine, have a deep book fold when opened. When viewed from the side or front, the pages are usually very curved, making it difficult to take a true-to-scale and distortion-free image. Since our scanning systems digitize vertically from above and have a high depth of field, no information is lost despite the strong curvature. Only the text may show a slight curvature in the digital copy in such cases. This cannot be changed physically and is independent from the optics used. In order to still obtain an optimal result, our software offers the optional function “book fold optimization”. It recognizes the text and “equalizes” it so that each letter is on a straight line and the text is optimally readable. The deep book fold and the curved text are thus displayed in the best possible way.

Attention: This function is a subsequent image manipulation, which improves the optical perception, but does not match the content of the original. Basically, all our systems are designed to create a color-accurate and true digital copy of the original. Such a subsequent manipulation no longer complies with this principle.

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