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The Ludwig Maximilian University

The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) is known throughout Europe as a renowned educational institution rich in tradition. Founded in 1472 , the LMU is one of the oldest and largest universities in Germany. As one of the elite universities in the country, the LMU is also one of Europe’s leading research institutions. With its highly diversified array of disciplines, it has outstanding potential for pioneering research.
Scanning books with book2net Spirit A 3 at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
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Project background

The LMU library, including the central library and another 14 branch libraries, holds approximately 5 million media and is thus one of the largest university libraries in Germany. It is a modern center of information transfer for science, research and teaching.

To implement a digitization program that would make the extensive inventory accessible to students through self-service systems and also be sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the LMU looked for a suitable solution by tendering.

book2net Public A2 book scanner at Ludwig Maximilians University

book2net action

In order to successfully implement the LMU’s digitization program, book2net began installing several self-service scanners from the Public and Spirit series in 2009. More than 40 of these devices can now be found in the faculties and branch libraries, helping the students to digitize books independently.

To date, hardly any maintenance work has been necessary, although the number of scans generated by some devices now exceeds five million. The first ten systems from 2009 are still in continuous use. Reliability and durability of the devices, as well as mutual trust, are the basis of our long-term successful partnership.

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