The book2net scanners Cobra, Flash, Mosquito, Hornet and Dragon are designed as special and production scanners for mass digitization of large formats as well as bulky and heavy originals.

In order to guarantee a gentle, efficient and at the same time user-friendly process, these systems are equipped with an automatic scanning system for convenient and variable control of the book cradle/layout table and glass plate.

Industrial standards and components such as precision guidance, linear drive and PLC control guarantee smooth and consistent guidance and adjustment of all moving elements.

Thus, the systems can be adapted to the workflow processes of the respective project requirements by individually configured scanning processes. Different programs are available for fully automatic, semi-automatic or purely manual operation. The travel paths are optimized according to the original format.

Variable control:

  • fully automatic
  • semi-automatic
  • manual
  • time controlled
  • action controlled
  • user controlled