A trip to the museum, or maybe just clicking through an exhibition in the future? Sure, nothing will replace a personal visit to the museum anytime soon – but online offers have many advantages. Digital exhibition extensions, allow tours to not only make art and culture accessible to the general public and increase visitor satisfaction, but also offer students and scientists around the world great added value.

But that is not the only reason why digitization is becoming increasingly important in museums. Almost even more important is the preservation of the cultural heritage for eternity – it is impossible to imagine what kind of loss it would be if, for example, a painting from the Renaissance were damaged or even destroyed by water damage or fire.

So how can this be prevented? Quite simply: with our innovative camera systems which we developed specifically for digitizing museum exhibits. Thanks to the intelligent design of our X71 digital camera, this is not only possible in high resolution, but also quickly, efficiently and user-friendly.

book2net Multispectral System for digitization of cultural heritage

Multispectral imaging

book2net has developed a new method for multispectral analysis of documents and drawings. Single scans or series of scans can be launched at definable nanometer intervals. The scan results can be superimposed and analyzed with pixel accuracy. The book2net method works without changing the filter (thus vibration-free) and without post-correction of sharpness and focus in the spectral ranges (to the exact pixel scale).

• Spectral photography
• High-resolution matrix color sensor
• Multispectral range 365 – 1150 nm
• No physical filters, no filter changes
• 3 LED light lines with homogeneous broadband -Spectral ranges (UV, IR, VIS)
• Homogeneous area illumination
• Real color recording in Metamorfoze, Fadgi-4Star and ISO / TS-19264-1
• System calibration
• Standardized Scanning processes
• Constant focus and aperture setting of UV-IR
• Intuitive operation

flexible book2net Reprosystem

Reprographic Studio

With the book2net Reprographic Studio we have designed a variable high-performance scanning system that opens up an extraordinary range of possibilities. A wide variety of materials, formats and textures can be digitized with true color and distortion-free. The conservational, individually programmable lighting concept also guarantees perfectly fitting illumination.

• X71 special lenses (45/50/60/80/90/100 mm)
• Motorized autofocus (optional)
• Height-adjustable camera position
• Format presets, color profiles and calibration parameters at the push of a button
• Scanning time 0,3 sec.
• Prozessing time ≤ 2,5 sec.
• Sharpness control with digital value display
• Conservative LED light concept

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